LEUCHTIE Mini redExtra light: Specially developed for small dogs.
Energy-efficient technology as well as the latest superflux LEDs enable intense brightness with a very long battery runtime of approx. 50 hours.

  • Long burn time of approx. 50 hours
    Low-cost AAAA batteries, our energy-efficient technology and the latest superflux LEDs ensure very low running costs.

  • Lightweight
    Due to the use of filigree components, it meets the special requirements of small dogs.

  • Reliable sensor
    Just pull it over the head, switches on/off automatically. There is no accident-sensitive switch, no contact wear due to opening.
  • LEUCHTIE Mini on/off
  • 100% waterproof
    Swimming and diving possible.

  • Enormously bright on all sides
    Particularly bright, hand selected LEDs offer the greatest possible safety for your dog. It can be seen several hundred metres away from all directions. Thus, we guarantee optimal safety for dogs and humans.
  • Dog with LEUCHTIE Mini in red.

    Available in the following sizes and colours:

    25 / 27,5 / 30 / 32,5


    LEUCHTIE Mini all colours