LEUCHTIE Plus Easy Charge

LEUCHTIE Plus Easy Charge turquoise The rechargeable battery version of the popular LEUCHTIE Plus is particularly easy to charge. High-performance nickel-zinc rechargeable batteries with 1.6 V make the LEUCHTIE Plus model even brighter. The burn time per charge is approx. 20 hours.


  • Easily charging via USB charging station
    The charging contact is independently maintained by magnets – therefore, there is no accident-sensitive USB port on the LEUCHTIE.

  • Extreme lighting power
    The higher voltage of the nickel-zinc rechargeable batteries facilitates additional brightness.

  • No memory effect
    Recharging is possible at any time – early recharging guarantees maximum brightness and protects the rechargeable batteries.

  • Reliable sensor
    Just pull it over the head, switches on/off automatically. There is no accident-sensitive switch, no contact wear due to opening.
  • LEUCHTIE Plus Easy Charge on/off
  • 100% waterproof
    Swimming and diving possible.

  • Enormously bright on all sides
    Very bright and hand picked LEDs offer the greatest possible safety for your dog. It can be seen several hundred metres away from all directions. Thus, we guarantee optimal safety for dogs and humans.
  • Dog with LEUCHTIE Plus EC in turquoise.


Available in the following sizes and colours:

35 / 37,5 / 40 / 42,5 / 45 / 47,5 / 50 / 52,5 / 55 / 57,5 / 60 / 65 / 70


LEUCHTIE Plus Easy Charge all colours