Luminous dog collar LEUCHTIE Plus

the innovative, long-living and very easy to use LED- dog collar

Luminous collar for dogs, Leuchtie Plus, with our boss dog Shaggy in neongreen.

Developed for daily use under rough everyday conditions. LEUCHTIE is not only especially simple to use but also 100% waterproof, reliable and has been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times.

Manufacture exclusively in Germany from high quality industrial materials guarantees very high quality and durability.

The new LEUCHTIE PLUS is successful combination of the tried and tested LEUCHTIE Standard and the newly designed battery compartment of the PREMIUM version.

The reinforced colour transparent PVC hose, silicone seals, flat cable, connecting wire, battery compartment, connecting sleeve, stainless steel contact spring, as well as the whole electronic with the micro motion sensor are exclusively produced in Germany for the LEUCHTIE LED collar.

Leuchtie the luminous collar for dog, 1 hour safty for only 1 cent.


Extra low energy consumption!

It operates for c. 100 hours
on 2 size AAA alkaline batteries.




By using the low-priced and somewhat larger AAA batteries, the cost per hour is less than 1 cent!

This makes LEUCHTIE PLUS one of the most economical battery-operated luminous collars in its class.


The convincing advantages:

  • Extremely bright solid light (no irritating blinking)
  • Batteries last much longer due to electronic control
    (operates for c. 50 hours on 2 LR1 / N alkaline batteries or
    up to 100 hours using 2 AAA batteries with LEUCHTIE PLUS compartment)
  • Easy to use – just slip it over the dog’s head and it switches on automatically
  • 100% waterproof, moisture and dirt resistant, even swimming is no problem
  • Robust and durable design for everyday use in all weathers
  • Simple to clean – just use water
  • Patented stick-bend technology ensuring proper contact
  • Reliable automatic on/off device with micro-sensor
    (no wear and tear of switches or contact fatigue from frequent opening)
  • Spare parts are available if required (not a throw-away product!)

LEUCHTIE Plus Sizes and colours

Luminous collar for dogs, Leuchtie Plus, with description.


Available in the sizes: 

35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70


and the colours:

Luminous collar for dogs, Leuchtie Plus, in all colours.

  red orange yellow neongreen green blue pink white