Dalmatian with luminous collar for dogs, Leuchtie Premium in yellow.


When brightness is the deciding factor.

The high quality Step-Up electronics of the LEUCHTIE Premium version ensure twice the luminosity and a constant brightness right up to the end of the battery’s life or when it needs recharging after c. 25 hours. Ideal for professional use, e.g. rescue dogs and everywhere where increased visibility is important. The standard size AAA/Micro rechargeable batteries are easy to change.

If no fully recharged batteries are available, standard alkaline batteries can be used.

The Advantages:
By exchanging the rechargeable batteries, LEUCHTIE can continue to be used without waiting for them to recharge. When the service life of the rechargeable battery is over, only the battery needs replacing – not the whole collar.

Luminous collar for dogs, Leuchtie Premium, designed for rechargeable and normal batteries.Operates on 2 size AAA/Micro alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries.


LEUCHTIE Premium Sizes and colours:

Luminous collar for dogs, Leuchtie Premium, with description.


Available in the sizes: 

35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70

and the colours:

Leuchtie Premium Leuchthalsband in allen Farben

orange yellow neongreen geen blue pink white