LEUCHTIE - the innovative LED Light Collar for dogs

Dear Customers in the USA & Canada,

Our LEUCHTIEs were sold under the brand name Glowdoggie in America.
Since the distributor has closed down we're happy to currently also supplying the many customers in Canada and the USA.
You'll find our entire LEUCHTIE range online.

In our English online shop you can order your LEUCHTIE easily: https://www.shop.leuchtie.com

Please contact us for any further questions – we'd be pleased to assist you.

The impressive benefits

dog with light collar LEUCHITE Premium

LEUCHTIE is a very bright, energy-efficient and particularly easy to handle LED dog collar with patented sensor technology.

  • Easy handling
    Just pull it over the head: Switches on automatically if the battery pack is facing downward. If the battery pack is facing upward, it will switch off after approx. one minute.
  • Tilt sensor
    There is no accident-sensitive switch, no contact wear due to frequent opening.
  • Extremely bright
    Very bright and hand picked superflux LEDs guarantee the greatest possible safety for dogs and humans.
  • 100 % waterproof
    Swimming and diving are possible.
  • Protection against loss
    The delivered attachment loop that is fastened to the collar or harness prevents the item from getting lost.
  • Long burn time
    Up to 100 hours with alkaline batteries or 20 hours with rechargeable batteries. Particularly economical due to energy-efficient technology and the latest superflux LEDs.
  • Low running costs
    Depending on the model, it can be easily charged or operated with 2 low-cost, commercially available batteries that are very easy to replace.
  • Made in Germany
    Since 2003 LEUCHTIEs have been manually produced by hand at our facility in Weiden, Bavaria.

LEUCHTIE is available in 5 different versions, take a look to our product overview page.

The LED collar LEUCHTIE guarantees the greatest safety possible for dogs and humans
The LED collar LEUCHTIE guarantees the greatest safety possible for dogs and humans