LED dog collar LEUCHTIE - rechargeable USB LED light collar for dogs

Luminous collar LEUCHTIE Premium Easy Charge in hot pink on the German Shepherd

The light LED collar LEUCHTIE is an extremely bright and durable LED collar for dogs. It switches on and off automatically by sensor and is therefore very easy to handle. Depending on the model, LEUCHTIE is powered by low-cost batteries or is easily rechargeable via USB.

LEUCHTIE - the original with sensor technology

  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • 100% waterproof
  • extreme brightness from all sides
  • up to 120 h burn time*
  • rechargeable via USB or battery operated*
  • robust, durable and reliable

LEUCHTIE is available in 3 models


particularly economical

  • operation with low-cost AAA batteries
  • bestseller
  • extra long burn time: approx. 100 h
Light Collar LEUCHTIE Plus


for small dogs

  • operation with low-cost AAAA batteries
  • extra light
  • long burn time: approx. 50 h
Light Collar LEUCHTIE Mini

Easy Charge

easily rechargeable via USB

  • extreme luminosity*
  • constant brightness with weekly recharging
  • long burn time: approx. 25 h – 120 h*
LED dog collar LEUCHTIE Easy Charge


Your desired LEUCHTIE, individually manufactured

  • configure multicolour LEUCHTIEs yourself
Luminous collar LEUCHTIE as two-tone models

*depending on the colour

Advantages at a glance

Dalmatian with LED collar LEUCHTIE Premium

LEUCHTIE is an extremely bright and durable LED light collar for dogs with patented sensor technology.

  • Easy handling
    LEUCHTIE is slipped only over the dog`s head: It switches on automatically when the battery pack points downwards. If the battery pack is facing upward, it will automatically turn off after about 1 minute.
  • Tilt sensor
    There is no accident-sensitive switch, no contact wear due to frequent opening.
  • Extremely bright from all sides
    Very bright and hand-selected Superflux LEDs guarantee the greatest possible safety for dogs and humans.
  • 100 % waterproof
    Swimming and diving are easily possible.
  • Low running costs
    Depending on the model, it can be easily charged via USB or operated with 2 low-cost, commercially available batteries that are very easy to replace.
  • Long burn time
    Up to 100 hours* with alkaline batteries or 120 hours* when USB-rechargeable. Particularly economical due to energy-efficient technology and the latest Superflux LEDs.
  • Durable and reliable
    LEUCHTIE stands for highest quality: Extremely robust, absolutely reliable and since 2003 proven in its use hundreds of thousands of times worldwide.
  • Protection against loss
    The supplied attachment loop that is fastened to the collar or harness prevents the item from getting lost.
  • Made in Germany
    Since 2003 LEUCHTIEs have been manually produced by hand at our facility in Weiden, Bavaria.

The light collar LEUCHTIE is available in 5 different models, which differ in brightness, running time and energy source. Please take a look at our product overview page.

*depending on the model/colour

Customer feedback on our light collar

Information on the authenticity of costumer reviews

Information on the authenticity of customer reviews

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In order to ensure that a customer has purchased our product, we carry out the verification in direct contact with the customer as well as via a comparison with our order data.
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a colorful pack of small dogs show off their LEUCHTIEs

Wir haben ein tolles Foto erhalten, das wir euch nicht vorenthalten möchten 😍 Ganz lieben Dank dafür an Lisa & ihr buntes Rudel 🥰

"Gestern kamen ein paar neue LEUCHTIES an We love LEUCHTIE 💙💜💛💚❤️"


Nero from Austria presents his LEUCHTIE

"Liebes Leuchtie-Team!
Nach 5 Jahren habe ich ein neues Leuchtie bestellt. Aber nicht, weil das Alte kaputt ging, sondern habe ich es ein wenig größer und mit mehr LEDs bestellt. Und....ich bin (wieder) begeistert!!!
Ich schicke euch ein Foto von unserem Morgenspaziergang.
Liebe Grüße aus Österreich
Sabrina & Nero"


Rescue dog with LEUCHTIE in action

Und seit mittlerweile 16 Jahren im Einsatz auf unseren Hunden 💪


Getting feedback from customers is always important and interesting for us – we're always very happy to receive mails, photos and videos. Here you'll find even more feedback from our customers.


Novelty 2023 - different sensor functions

LEUCHTIE with motion sensorSwitch on and off:
automatically with motion sensor

Thanks to the proven motion sensor, the LEUCHTIE switches on automatically when the battery part points downwards. If the battery part is on top, it will slowly turn off after about 1 minute.


LEUCHTIE with magnetic sensorSwitching on and off:
manually with magnetic sensor

The LEUCHTIE is switched on and off exclusively by passing the supplied magnet over the sensor. This means you can turn it on or off as needed, e.g. B. to transport it conveniently or to save energy.

2022: We are merging our product range

Dalmatian with LED collar LEUCHTIE Premium

In order to structure our assortment even more clearly for you in the future, 3 models are available since May 2022: 2 battery-powered and 1 USB-rechargeable.

  • 1. LEUCHTIE Mini for small dogs: extra light with a long runtime of approx. 50 h (battery-opearted).

For bigger furry noses, the LEUCHTIE Plus and the LEUCHTIE Easy Charge are available for selection:

  • 2. LEUCHTIE Plus: Our bestseller is characterized by its operation with 2 low-cost AAA batteries as well as an extra long runtime of approx. 100 h. Despite its strong luminosity, it is so energy-saving that 1 set of batteries is often enough for the whole winter! This makes it the ideal alternative to USB rechargeable luminous collars.
  • 3. LEUCHTIE Easy Charge is easily rechargeable with the included USB charging station. This model combines the previous models LEUCHTIE Pro Easy Charge and Premium Easy Charge since May 2022.
    To achieve maximum luminosity and runtime, we recommend recharging once a week overnight. This way, it's also suitable for long-haired dogs, such as Australian Shepherds. It is operated with 2 robust NiMH rechargeable batteries, that can be changed if necessary.

Formerly as the Glowdoggie brand

LEUCHTIE was sold as Glowdoggie in the USA and Canada

Dear Customers in the USA & Canada,

Our LEUCHTIEs were sold under the brand name Glowdoggie in America and Canada.
Since the distributor has closed down we're happy to currently also supplying the many customers in Canada and the USA.
You'll find our entire LEUCHTIE range online.

In our English online shop you can order your LED dog collar LEUCHTIE easily.

Please contact us for any further questions – we'd be pleased to assist you.

Our aim is safety

The LED collar LEUCHTIE guarantees the greatest safety possible for dogs and humans

Thanks to our innovative technology and the use of high-quality materials, our LEUCHTIE light collars are not only exceptionally durable, but also very powerful and highly luminous. Due to the extremely bright continuous light/ permanent light, your dog is clearly visible not only in the dark, but already at dusk - even over long distances. We consciously refrain from a hectic flashing light or other light settings out of conviction, in order not to unsettle your own dog as well as other dogs and not to disturb us humans. In this way, we reliably guarantee the safety of your dog and also that of our fellow human beings when going for a walk and in traffic.

LEUCHTIE configurator

Luminous collar LEUCHTIE as two-tone models

Are you looking for a LED collar that nobody has?

We are happy to manufacture your LEUCHTIE according to your personal wishes:

Please configure your desired LEUCHTIE on your own and we will manufacture it individually. Please click here for getting to the light collar configurator.

We wish you a lot of fun while trying it out and are very curious how you will configure your light collar.

LEUCHTIE Plus - our bestseller

Light Collar LEUCHTIE Plus

The light collar LEUCHTIE Plus is particularly energy-saving: operated with 2 low-cost AAA batteries, the extra long runtime is approx. 100 h!

In most cases this means that 1 set of batteries will last the whole winter. When the energy decreases there`s no thread of a short-term failure: The LEDs slowly fade, but continue to light up for many hours.

This makes the LEUCHTIE Plus the most popular of our 5 light collar models.

LEUCHTIE Seniors Edition

LED light collar LEUCHTIE as senior edition

Especially for older, visually impaired and insecure dogs

2 LEDs pointing at the way in front of the dog and illuminating it a bit can help making dogs feel much more secure and comfortable in the dark. This way we help to improve the quality of their lives and reduce the risk of injuries.


The luminous collar LEUCHTIE stands for sustainable production

Thanks to its high quality, the LEUCHTIE luminous dog collar has a long life span. If damage should occur nevertheless, we offer you the possibility of an uncomplicated repair, also outside the warranty, and support you at any time with inexpensive spare parts. In this way, we prevent your glowing collar LEUCHTIE from ending up in the trash prematurely, thus helping to protect the environment.

LEUCHTIE special editions in our Onlineshop

bicolor light collar LEUCHTIE for dogs

Many exclusive colors and color combinations

Variety for individuals

Our proven models in our onlineshop

LEUCHITE Easy Charge

are also available as bicoloured special edition in many attractive colour combinations.

Dog safety lights Made in Germany

LEUCHTIE LED dog collar handcrafted in Germany Logo

Our LED collar manufactory

We have always attached great importance to quality: both in our light collars and in customer service.

Out of conviction, we have been producing our light up dog collar LEUCHTIE by hand in our small manufactory since 2003. The company is located in Weiden, Bavaria. The material we use is mainly sourced from German manufacturers, thus supporting the region and German small and medium-sized businesses.

The service for our customers also plays a major role for us. Our greatest strengths are friendly and competent advice, particularly short delivery times, the realisation of individual wishes and the implementation of custom-made products, which you can put together yourself in our safety night light configurator.

LEUCHTIE - the original with sensor technology

The first LEUCHTIE glow collar was developed for our Shaggy. Since he had a lot of wear and tear on dog collars, the requirements were high: it had to be robust, reliable and durable - waterproof and insensitive to dirt -, stable to withstand rolling and wild romping, and easy to use. And of course as bright as possible so that he could be seen from a long distance when walking at night and no danger threatened him in the darkness.

Over time, this has resulted in the development of the glow in the dark collar LEUCHTIE, highly functional and easy to use: thanks to the sensor electronics developed, it switches on and off automatically. This means that there is no need for both a failure-prone switch and constant opening and closing when putting it on. So nothing can wear out and water or dirt cannot even penetrate. The result: LEUCHTIE illuminated dog collars have always had an extremely bright light, absolutely waterproof, very robust and extremely durable. And because the principle “What's not there can't break" has been working reliably for so many years now, we have remained true to this principle.

Social responsibility and environmental protection

We have parts of the LEUCHTIE manufactured in curative education centers.

Meeting our social responsibility is very important to us. For example, we have been working for many years with workshops of curative education centers (HPZ). There, people with physical or mental disabilities produce, for example, advertising material for our LEUCHTIE night light and can thus be supported both personally and professionally according to their abilities.

In addition, we avoid the exploitation of people and the environment as far as possible, which can hardly be ruled out when producing in low-wage countries. Accordingly, we act consistently: We attach great importance to quality in the selection of our suppliers as well as our materials. Furthermore the production of our LEUCHTIE collars takes place in Germany, in our small manufactory for luminous collars.