Does the bright light bother my dog?

No, LEUCHTIEs do not obstruct dogs, because they shine as a bright permanent light. We deliberately avoid hectic flashing or other light settings out of conviction, in order not to unsettle your own dog as well as other dogs and not to disturb us humans. On the contrary, it often happens that the bright continuous light of the LEUCHTIEs helps making dogs feel much more secure and comfortable in the dark. This effect can possibly be improved with the senior edition.

In this way, we reliably guarantee the safety of your dog and also that of our fellow human beings when going for a walk and in traffic.

If your dog has problems putting on a collar / harness, we recommend making sure that the LEUCHTIE only starts to glow when the dog is wearing it, not already when you put it on.

Last update on 26.02.2021 by LEUCHTIE Team.