Does the LEUCHTIE dazzle me?

No, even for us humans the strong luminosity of the LEUCHTIE is very seldom disturbing. But the individual perception of brightness can obviously differ. If your eyes are very sensitive, we recommend that you choose your LEUCHTIE to match:

  • Prefer a model that does not have constant luminosity: LEUCHTIE Plus, LEUCHTIE Pro Easy Charge, LEUCHTIE Mini.
  • Order a color that has a slightly weaker luminosity, such as sunset orange, sunny yellow or hot pink.
  • Choose a LEUCHTIE with a coloured tube, not a transparent one. This is especially recommended if the dog is usually near you and has short coat on the neck. In the transparent tube we produce: two-colour versions, self-configured LEUCHTIEs, the senior edition as well as the colours green (extra light), lavender and white.

Last update on 26.02.2021 by LEUCHTIE Team.