Does the LEUCHTIE have different light settings?

We deliberately do without different light settings, such as hectic flashing or the like. In our experience, many dogs are unsettled by blinking, especially when it is fast or arrhythmic. Also oncoming dogs often react irritated - tense encounters and conflicts can be the result. In addition, also for many dog owners a flashing light collar is very disturbing.

Therefore we have designed the LEUCHTIEs out of conviction - based on our many years of experience as dog owners - in such a way that they shine exclusively as very bright permanent light. This helps making dogs feel much more secure and comfortable in the dark (especially the senior edition).

In addition, the luminosity of the LEUCHTIEs is so strong that they make dogs clearly visible from all sides even over long distances - so it is absolutely unnecessary to attract additional attention by an annoying blinking mode.

Last update on 26.02.2021 by LEUCHTIE Team.