How do I activate my LEUCHTIE Mini?

Battery change from the luminous collar LEUCHTIE Mini

One of the batteries was put in the wrong way round as a transport lock in order to avoid that the LEUCHTIE switches on during the delivery. This battery must be turned around for the initial activation:

  • To open the LEUCHTIE, separate the tube at the side of the size sticker from the battery pack with a slight twisting movement, taking care not to use excessive force.
  • Remove the battery from the end of the tube and turn it around.
  • Place the battery into the light tube with the negative pole ahead.
  • Push the battery pack back into the end of the tube. Take care that the spring is centred in the battery pack.
  • Press tube and battery pack firmly together as far as it can go. There must be no gap between the battery pack and the tube.

Last update on 12.05.2020 by LEUCHTIE Team.

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