How do I activate my LEUCHTIE Plus, Premium, Premium Easy Charge or Pro Easy Charge?

Before using the LEUCHTIE for the first time please remove the transport protection (insulation cap). It is the red stopper located at the opposite side of the size sticker.

  1. To open the LEUCHTIE, separate the tube from the battery pack by pulling them apart with a slight angular movement, taking care not to use excessive force (1). In doing so, hold the silicone sleeve onto the battery pack.
  2. Remove the red insulation cap (2) and discard.Correct opening of the LEUCHTIE
  3. To close the LEUCHTIE, insert the tube straight into the battery pack. Make sure that the contact spring at the end of the LED tubing goes in straight and is not bent over in any way.Correct closing of the LEUCHTIE
  4. Press tube and battery pack firmly together as far as it can go. There must be no gap between the battery pack and the tube.Make sure that the light tube is firmly seated on the battery part.

Last update on 26.02.2021 by LEUCHTIE Team.