How do I change the batteries of the LEUCHTIE Plus and Premium?

Important note:

  • Please use brand alkaline batteries and remove empty batteries immediately to avoid any damage from leaking batteries.
  • In case of longer periods of non-use (e.g. in summer) please remove both batteries.

When the brightness of the LEDs decreases significantly (LEUCHTIE Plus) or the LEDs start flashing (LEUCHTIE Premium), both batteries are empty and have to be replaced immediately. Please change the batteries in a clean and dry place and make sure that both the LEUCHTIE and your hands are dry and free of grease.

  1. Separate the tube from the battery pack by pulling them apart with a slight angular movement, taking care not to use excessive force. In doing so, hold the silicone sleeves onto the battery pack. how to open the LEUCHTIE
  2. Remove both old batteries.
  3. Place the new batteries (Alkaline Type AAA/Micro, no rechargeable batteries!) into the compartment while observing the correct polarity as per illustration: On one side you can see the negative pole of one battery, on the other the positive pole of the other battery. How to insert the batteries in the LEUCHTIE.
  4. Connect the tube and the battery pack as follows: The blue marked end of the tube with the size sticker onto the negative terminal of the battery, the red marked end of the tube onto the positive terminal of the other battery. Insert both ends of the tube one after the other straight into the battery pack as far as it can go. There must be no gap between the battery pack and the tube. Be careful not to bend the contact springs.How to close the LEUCHTIE after changing the battery.The light tube must be firmly connected to the battery part
  5. Test that the LEUCHTIE is working by pointing the battery compartment down.

The used batteries cannot be disposed of with the regular household waste! Please dispose of them via the appropriate commercially available containers or drop them off at public collection points.

Last update on 24.02.2021 by LEUCHTIE Team.