My LEUCHTIE doesn't switch on

Possible causes may be:

The LEUCHTIE was not activated for the first use: We have compiled information on how to activate the LEUCHTIE Mini as well as the Plus, Premium, Premium Easy Charge and Pro Easy Charge models.

The energy is used up: Please insert two new batteries for the battery-powered models Mini, Plus and Premium or recharge the Premium Easy Charge and Pro Easy Charge immediately.

the batteries were inserted the wrong way round when changing the batteries: Information on the battery change for both Alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries is linked.

the battery pack has been placed the wrong way round on the tube: Please check this with the linked information on changing the batteries.

The LEUCHTIE is not closed correctly: Press the battery pack and the tube firmly together on both sides as far as it will go - there must be no gap between the battery part and the tube.

The contact springs are defective: The springs protruding from the ends of the tube on both sides are either not straight or not tightly screwed into the nut.

The batteries have leaked: If you notice battery acid in the battery part or discoloration on the plastic sockets at the ends of the tube, on wires or on the cable inside the light tube, please send us your LEUCHTIE for repair.

If you cannot solve the problem, you are welcome to send your LEUCHTIE to us for inspection and repair with the completed service form.

Last update on 26.02.2021 by LEUCHTIE Team.