The spring is missing or bent

The contact springs are screwed into a nut like a screw, which is located in the connecting socket.

korrektes Aussehen der Kontaktfeder

1) To replace a bent spring, turn it counterclockwise out of the socket with your thumb and index finger.

2) Remove the colored spring retainer with a pointed object (screwdriver, flat-nose pliers, etc.).

Entfernen der Federfixierung

3) Screw the new contact spring with the tightly fitting coils first 4-5 turns clockwise into the connecting socket.

4) Then check that the spring is firmly seated in the thread by pulling gently on it. Be careful not to overstretch the spring.

Kontrolle des festen Sitzes der neuen Kontaktfeder

5) Then insert the spring retainer into the socket via the contact spring. Note the two colors of the spring retainers: Blue sits in the tube side with the size sticker, red in the other side.

Korrekter Sitz der roten und blauen Federfixierung

Now gently press the bushing against a flat surface to fully press the spring retainer into the bushing. Make sure that the contact spring is not kinked or bent in the process.

gerades Aufsetzen des LEUCHTIE auf der Unterfläche

gerades Eindrücken der Federfixierung

6) Repeat the insertion of the spring on the other side of the tube.

7) Insert the two ends of the light tube one after the other straight into the battery compartment. Be careful not to bend the contact springs.

gerades Einstecken in das Batterieteil

8) Press the battery compartment and the tube firmly together on both sides as far as they will go. IMPORTANT: There must be no gap between the battery compartment and the tube:

LEUCHTIE muss ohne Spalt geschlossen sein

The spring retainers have two functions: On the one hand, they ensure that the spring is aligned with the center of the battery pole, and on the other hand, they indicate by color how around the light tube and the battery compartment must be connected.

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