Why does the LEUCHTIE not have a switch?

Our LEUCHTIEs have been working since 2003 according to the principle "What isn't there can't break".

Our goal at that time was to combine the simplest handling with the highest functionality. Therefore, LEUCHTIEs work with a sensor - we deliberately do without a failure-prone switch or push button, because this wouldn't be in line with our demand for quality and durability. By switching on and off via a sensor, nothing can wear out and water or dirt cannot penetrate in the first place. Result: LEUCHTIEs are absolutely waterproof, very robust and extremely durable.

We offer 3 different sensor variants to choose from:

1) Motion sensor

Switching on and off: automatically by motion sensor

LEUCHTIE with motion sensor

Simplest handling: Thanks to the motion sensor, the LEUCHTIE switches on automatically when the battery compartment points downwards. If the battery compartment is hung up or facing skyward, will turn off slowly after approx. 1 minute.

2) Magnetic sensor

Switching on and off: manually by magnetic sensor

LEUCHTIE with magnetic sensor

The LEUCHTIE is switched on and off only by passing the supplied magnet over the sensor in the light tube. This gives you the possibility to switch it on and off when needed, e.g. to transport it conveniently or to save energy.

3) Motion and magnetic sensor

Switching on and off: automatically by motion sensor and manually by magnetic sensor.

led dog collar LEUCHTIE with the motion sensor functionled dog collar LEUCHTIE with the magnetic sensor function

Combination of both kinds of on and off functions.

Last update on 12.10.2023 by LEUCHTIE Team.