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LEUCHTIE - the original with sensor technology

  • easy handling
    LEUCHTIE schaltet sich über einen Bewegungssensor ein und aus
  • 100 % waterproof
  • extreme brightness from all sides
  • USB rechargeable or battery powered*
  • particularly energy-saving
  • up to 120 h burn time*
  • robust, durable and reliable
  • many striking colours and colour combinations
  • incl. attachment loop for the collar or harness
  • German production by hand

LEUCHTIE is available in 3 different versions


particularly economical

  • operation with low-cost AAA batteries
  • bestseller
  • extra long burn time: approx. 100 h
Light Collar LEUCHTIE Plus


for small dogs

  • operation with low-cost AAAA batteries
  • extra light
  • long burn time: approx. 50 h
Light Collar LEUCHTIE Mini

Easy Charge

easily rechargeable via USB

  • extreme luminosity*
  • constant brightness with weekly recharging
  • long burn time: approx. 25 h – 120 h*
LED dog collar LEUCHTIE Easy Charge


Your desired LEUCHTIE, individually manufactured

  • configure multicolour LEUCHTIEs yourself
Luminous collar LEUCHTIE as two-tone models

* depending on the model or colour

Former LEUCHTIE models

Luminous collar LEUCHTIE Premium Easy Charge in hot pink on the German Shepherd

The battery-operated LEUCHTIE Premium model has not been available since 2022 due to a change in product range. Alternatively, the battery-operated LEUCHTIE Plus model is still available, as well as the USB-chargeable model LEUCHTIE Easy Charge.

LEUCHTIE Plus Easy Charge
Husky Diego with a luminous collar LEUCHTIE Plus Easy Charge in turquoise

The Plus Easy Charge model was replaced in 2019 by the successor LEUCHTIE Easy Charge with an extra long runtime.

The new Pro Easy Charge model combines the Easy Charge technology with an extra long burn time of up to 120 h (green offers approx. 120 h burn time per charge, red and orange approx. 50 h). When the energy decreases there's no threat of a short-term failure: The LEDs slowly fade, but continue to light up for many hours.

Golden Retriever with LEUCHTIE standard

The Standard model was replaced in 2012 by the successor model LEUCHTIE Plus with an extra long runtime.

light collar LEUCHTIE standard in all collours

The LEUCHTIE Plus represents the further development of the Standard model and offers many advantages:

  • Operation with commercially available low-cost AAA batteries
  • Battery life of approx. 100 h – twice as long as with the Standard model
  • Particularly economical: only approx. 1 Cent per hour – ideal for frequent users
  • Significantly simplified battery change by newly developed battery part
  • The oval form guarantees a higher wearing comfort due to a better fit
  • German handmade production, as with all our light collars

These advantages over the LEUCHTIE Standard have convinced our customers and have made the LEUCHTIE Plus our most popular model for many years.

Existing LEUCHTIE Standard can easily be equipped with the new LEUCHTIE Plus battery pack and thus be converted in the LEUCHTIE Plus model.

A conversion in the rechargeable Easy Charge version is also possible. Please simply order the Upgrade Easy Charge in our shop and send us your LEUCHTIE Standard for conversion.

LEUCHTIE – handcrafted in Germany

Our aim: Safety for dogs and humans

The driver can recognize the dog with LEUCHTIE

Already since 2003 we have been crafting LEUCHTIEs in our small manufactory in Weiden, Bavaria, completely by hand.

We place the highest demands not only on the production, but also on the material used: Almost all the installed parts are custom-made products developed together with our regional suppliers.

We have always aimed the greatest safety possible for both dogs and humans. To ensure this, we make them clearly visible in the dark from all sides and over large distances with reliability.

And so, since 2003, LEUCHTIE has stood for LED light collars of the highest quality and functionality.

Since then we have been developing it continuously with our own dogs and in cooperation with rescue dog teams – obviously in practice, not at the desk.

Trust LEUCHTIE for the safety of your dog - reliable and proven a hundred thousand times over.

Social responsibility

We have parts of the LEUCHTIE manufactured in curative education centers.

Some of the preparatory activities are carried out in curative educational centers and enable people with disabilities to receive individual support: They experience social recognition and are strengthened in their personalities as they cope with their work.

We avoid the exploitation of people and the environment that is typical of production in low-wage countries as far as possible and act consistently:
We manufacture our LEUCHTIEs in Germany and attach great importance to quality when selecting our materials and suppliers.


LEUCHTIE is not a disposable item:

With our repair service and low-cost spare parts we help you reliably at any time. Also available are accessories for easy replacement or retrofitting.

LEUCHTIE – the innovative light collar for dogs

LEUCHTIE has numerous technical innovations, such as the switchless switch-on-mechanism (no mercury switch), an electronic control, with which an unusually long burn time is achieved or a special silicone seal, which protects absolutely reliable against water, moisture and dirt and still ensures a very simple change of the batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The LED light collar LEUCHTIE does not need to be opened: LEUCHTIE is slipped over the dog`s head only: It switches on automatically by sensor when the battery pack points downwards. If the battery pack is facing upward, it will automatically turn off after about 1 minute. This reliably prevents dirt or moisture from getting inside and keeps the contacts clean. Therefore, loose contacts and malfunctions can be avoided.

With all LEUCHTIE models, highly efficient Superflux LEDs ensure an incredibly good visibility of the dog from all directions – not only at night. Already at the beginning of twilight, the extremely bright LEDs are clearly visible from afar and provide the greatest safety possible for dogs and humans.

The installed Superflux LEDs are special high-performance LEDs built for industrial use, which emit a very strong coloured light even at the lowest power consumption. Unlike light bulbs, they also are absolutely insensitive to vibrations and are therefore extremely durable.

Before assembly, the LEDs are individually measured for brightness and colour differences in a computer-aided spectrometer sorting system. This is the only way to ensure an uniform lighting effect of all LEDs.

The service life of the LEDs is more than 100,000 hours when operated with rated power (this would be more than 10 years of continuous operation).

Patented connection technology

In order to ensure a permanently secure contact even under high loads, the 4 connection legs of the special LEDs are not supplied with power via soldered cables as usually provided. Instead, the LEDs for the LEUCHTIEs are pressed into a special flat cable using the patented “plug-bend-technology”, developed and patented by us, and are thus connected to the cable in an absolutely secure manner both electrically and mechanically. The double connection of the LEDs provides additional contact security.

Loose contacts or failure of individual LEDs in the light collar are thus reliably prevented.

Advantages at a glance

  • Extremely bright permanent light (no hectic flashing)
  • Easy handling – LEUCHTIE is only slipped over the dog`s head and switches on/off automatically via a reliable sensor (no mechanical switch susceptible to faults)
  • Absolutely resistant to moisture and dirt, swimming and diving are easily possible
  • Long burn time of up to 120 hours (depending on the model) thanks to special control electronics
  • Particularly durable and stable design for daily use in all weathers
  • Easy to clean – simply wash under the water tap
  • Low-cost spare parts and accessories are available if required (no disposable item!)
  • Protection against loss - attachment loop included
  • Thanks to intense fluorescent colours / colour combinations, dogs are clearly visible over long distances and easy to distinguish
  • MADE IN GERMANY: German production by hand

A light collar also for professional use

Due to the convincing concept and the benefits LEUCHTIE has been used for many years also in the professional sector, such as rescue dog units, service dogs or hunting for tracking.

The dogs are clearly visible over long distances (several hundred meters) and can be easily distinguished by different colours and colour combinations.