Light Collar LEUCHTIE - our products

LEUCHTIE - the original with sensor technology

  • handcrafted in Germany
  • 100 % waterproof
  • einfachste Handhabung
  • easy handling extremely bright on all sides
  • robust, durable and reliable
  • USB rechargeable or battery powered*
  • up to 120 h burn time*

LEUCHTIE is available in 5 different versions


particularly economical

  • operation with low-cost AAA batteries
  • bestseller
  • extra long burn time: approx. 100 h


extremely bright, for long fur

  • operation with low-cost AAA batteries
  • maximum brightness without fading
  • burn time: approx. 25 h


for small dogs

  • operation with low-cost AAAA batteries
  • extra light
  • long burn time: approx. 50 h

Pro Easy Charge

particularly economical

  • easily rechargeable via USB
  • extremely bright
  • extra long burn time: up to 120 h*

Premium Easy Charge

extremely bright, for long fur

  • easily rechargeable via USB
  • maximum brightness without fading
  • burn time: approx. 25 h


Your personal wish LEUCHTIE

  • Simply put two-tone LEUCHTIE
  • individual production without surcharge

* depending on the model and / or color

previous LEUCHTIE models

LEUCHTIE Plus Easy Charge

The Plus Easy Charge model was replaced in 2019 by the successor LEUCHTIE Pro Easy Charge with an extra long runtime.

The battery version of the popular LEUCHTIE Plus luminous collar - particularly easy charging.
Powerful nickel-zinc batteries with 1.6 V make the LEUCHTIE Plus model even brighter. The lighting time per charge is approx. 25 hours.


Dear customer,

we would like to inform you, that our version LEUCHTIE Standard becomes obsolete and will be replaced with the version LEUCHTIE Plus.

The version LEUCHTIE Plus is the further development at the version LEUCHTIE Standard and offers many benefits:

  • very simple change of batteries caused by the new battery compartment
  • operates on two usual alkaline batteries type AAA
  • operating time of batteries approx. 100 hours – twice as much as at the version LEUCHTIE Standard
  • very low battery consumption –approx. only 1 cent per hour – perfect for often use
  • the oval shape assures high comfort during wearing reasonable to the better fit

This benefits compared to the version LEUCHTIE Standard made our customers feel confident and made the version LEUCHTIE Plus to our top seller.

Existing models of LEUCHTIE Standard can be easily upgraded with the new LEUCHTIE Plus battery compartment and converted to the version LEUCHTIE Plus.

Supply for the version LEUCHTIE Standard is available while stock last.

We thank you for your understanding. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate and let us know. We are looking forward to help you.

The Concept

LEUCHTIE (pronounced loyshtee) is an extremely bright, state-of-the-art, easily fitted luminous collar for dogs, which is extremely durable.

Developed for daily use under rough everyday conditions, it is not only especially simple to use but also 100% waterproof, reliable and has been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times.

Manufactured exclusively in Germany using high quality materials, part of the production is undertaken by the Heilpädagogisches Zentrum Irchenrieth, a centre for special education and therapy. Here, disabled people are able to pursue a meaningful activity. This helps strengthen their personal development and allows them to experience social recognition for the work they accomplish.