LEUCHTIE donation projects

Project - Rescue Dogs Ostthüringen

Searching with LEUCHTIE

Since middle of the year the dogs of the Dog Rescue Squadron Ostthüringen wear our LED light collars LEUCHTIE. As the dog trainers say, meanwhile they can not think to work without them.

The chairman of the squadron said: "For area searching and trailing the light collars are really perfect - the dogs have indirect light, the dog trainer can watch them conditioned by the pleasant light and passengers take notice of the dogs and do not disturb the searching."

Following dogs are in training:
Pantali - Malinois, 2,5 year (Area)
Ladrón - Podenco Ibiceno, 1 year (Area)
Maya - Mix, 3 year (Area)
Paula - Podenco Andaluz, 4 year (Mantrailer)
Earl - Staffordshire Bullterrier, 2,5 year (Mantrailer)
Kira - Mix, 1 year (Mantrailer)

We wish the Dog Rescue Squadron a success work and a lot of fun by their important work for our society.

LEUCHTIE equip the Dog Rescue Squadron Ostthüringen with LED light collars.

Police dog is wearing LEUCHTIE

Narcotics detection dog Pepper from Germany is wearing a LEUCHTIE Premium during his work. So he can be seen easily from his dog handler also during the night and under bad light conditions.

We thank Pepper and his dog handler very much for the photos and wish always a lot of fun and success!

Narcotics detection dog Pepper with his LEUCHTIE at work. LEUCHTIE Premium neongreen with police dog Pepper.

Project animal home in Linz - Austria

We say thank You!

The dogs in our animal home are now best equipped for walks in the dark and they can be seen not only by their walkers, but also from other road users like cyclists or joggers. Based on different sizes there is for every dog the best fitting LEUCHTIE and the different colours make it easy to distinguish one dog from another when they walk as a group. Our volunteer walkers are very happy with this useful accessory and we can recommend the LEUCHTIEs to all animal lovers who want protection and safety.

The reactions of the animal shelters friends on facebook.

Illuminated collar LEUCHTIE donates to the animal shelter in Linz Austria. The dogs in the animal shelter Linz are happy about the donated LEUCHTIEs. LEUCHTIE Plus in pink as a donation for the animal shelter Linz. Now I shine in the night, thanks to the donation from LEUCHTIE for the animal shelter Linz. The dogs with the donated LEUCHTIEs from the animal shelter Linz are ready to go for a walk.

Project Animmal Home Köln-Dellbrück - Germany

Light collar LEUCHTIE donate for the animal home Köln-Dellbrück and dog Kelly is proud of her new LEUCHTIE.

To see and to be seen

A few days ago we got a special kind of a product donate: A parcel with 10 dog collars, the LEUCHTIEs from the company trends and more GmbH, they attent to the security of dogs. Our voluntary walkers for our dogs are very happy with this usefull accessory. Our Rottweiler Kelly and the other dogs in our animal home now can be seen immediately during their daily walk. Not only from the voluntary walkers as well as from joggers and bicyclist.