Does the LEUCHTIE also work with long-haired dogs?

Yes. Thanks to very bright LEDs, all LEUCHTIEs offer great brightness and safety for your dog.

But there are differences in luminosity:

1. Colours

The longer, denser and darker the coat of your dog is, the stronger the luminosity of the LEDs should be. The following colours tend to be perceived as the brightest and most conspicuous: 1) green in a transparent tube (extra bright), 2) turquoise, 3) lavender, 4) white, 5) blue in a transparent tube, 6) fir green.

2. Models

In addition to the colour, a constant brightness without fading is favourable for extremely long-haired dogs with a dense coat on the neck, as in the model LEUCHTIE Premium Easy Charge (USB rechargeable). Both are therefore especially suitable for very longhaired dogs, such as Australian Shepherds, Newfoundland dogs etc, and long distances.

In addition, cones can be attached to the LEUCHTIE: For a better visibility for long haired dogs, the light of the LEDs makes the cones glow.

Last update on 26.02.2021 by LEUCHTIE Team.