My LEUCHTIE does not charge

Possible causes may be:

  • The charging station is not connected to a power source: The green diode is not lit.
  • The LEUCHTIE is not closed correctly: the battery pack and the tube must be fully pushed together so that no gap is visible between the battery pack and the tube.
  • The charging contacts are dirty: Check and clean the magnetic contacts. Adhering metal particles can be easily removed from the magnets with adhesive tape.
  • The batteries are defective: Replace them with new rechargeable batteries of the same type. For the Pro Easy Charge and Premium Easy Charge model: NiMH batteries type AAA 1.2 V with low self-discharge.

If you cannot solve the problem, you are welcome to send your LEUCHTIE to us for inspection and repair with the completed service form.

Last update on 26.02.2021 by Kai Dämmer.