My LEUCHTIE has a loose contact

If your LEUCHTIE has a loose contact please check whether:

  • the LEUCHTIE is firmly connected on both sides: the battery pack and the tube must be fully pushed together so that no gap is visible between the battery pack and the tube.
  • both springs, which protrude from the tube, are straight and tightly screwed into the nut and show no discoloration.
  • the edges of the battery compartment are not kinked and therefore the tube cannot be pushed on as far as it will go.
  • the silicone sleeves are located centrally over the transition from the tube to the battery pack (the end of the silicone sleeves with the ring bead is located on the battery part).
  • the silicone sleeves fit tightly and have no defects.
  • the inside of the silicone sleeves and the ends of the tube over which the sleeves sit are clean, dry and especially free of grease. Because of the sebum deposits of the dog's coat, we recommend cleaning the sleeves with warm water and washing-up liquid if necessary (rinse well and allow to dry completely). Please do not use any aggressive or solvent-based cleaning agents.
  • the LEUCHTIE is attached to the collar / harness and tension on the fixation loop, especially when the dog lowers its head, causes a short loss of contact or even the opening of the LEUCHTIE.

If necessary, a little contact spray on the springs / battery poles can also help.

If you cannot solve the problem, you are welcome to send your LEUCHTIE to us for inspection and repair with the completed service form.

Last update on 26.02.2021 by LEUCHTIE Team.