Put the LEUCHTIE together correctly

Correct connection of battery compartment and light tube

Please always ensure a correct connection between battery compartment and light tube. Otherwise the connection may open too easily or loose contacts may occur.

Assemble the LEUCHTIE correctly:

Leuchtie ist korrekt zusammengesteckt

The silicone sleeves are located on both sides centrally on the transition from battery part to light tube and do not show any defects.

  1. A) The LEUCHTIE is completely closed up to the stop: there is no gap between the light tube and the battery compartment.
  2. B) The sleeve end with the annular bead sits on the battery pack on both sides.

Possible sources of error

LEUCHTIE is not completely closed:

LEUCHTIE nicht korrekt geschlossen

The light tube is not completely inserted into the battery compartment. A gap can be seen between the light tube and the battery pack.

Incorrectly attached silicone sleeves:

Muffe sitzt nicht richtig auf dem Batterieteil

The sleeve is not pulled all the way to the stop on the battery part - it sits too far on the light tube.

Mutte sitzt zu weit auf dem Leuchtschlauch

The sleeve is pulled beyond the stop of the battery part - it is too far on the battery compartment.

Muffe ist falsch herum aufgesteckt

The sleeve is attached the wrong way round. The sleeve end with the ring bead must be on the battery compartment.

Kinked battery compartment:

Batterieteil wurde eingeknickt

The edge of the battery compartment has been accidentally kinked when the light tube was inserted into the battery compartment.

eingeknicktes Batterieteil

As a result, the light tube cannot be inserted completely into the battery part up to the stop.

korrrekt sitzendes Batteriefach

In comparison, a correctly seated battery compartment with the sleeve attached.

Last update on 09.05.2022 by LEUCHTIE Team.